Group Members

PhD Students

  • Hongze Chen (Since Fall 2023)

    • B.S., Zhejiang University.

    • Topic: Edge AI.

  • Yingdong Hu (Since Fall 2023)

    • B.S., Zhejiang University.

    • Topic: Edge AI.

  • Sijia Li (Since Fall 2023)

    • B.S., Nankai University.

    • Topic: Multi-agent reinforcement learning.

  • Teng Li (Since Fall 2023, Hong Kong PhD Fellowship)

    • B.S., Tongji University.

    • Topic: Generative AI.

  • Zhening Liu (Since Fall 2023)

    • B.S., Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen.

    • Topic: Deep data compression.

  • Zifan Liu (Since Fall 2023)

    • B.S., CUHK-SZ.

    • Topic: Reinforcement learning.

  • Tianyang Qi (Since Fall 2023)

    • M.S., B.S., USTC.

    • Topic: Multi-agent reinforcement learning.

  • Yufan Zhuang (Since Fall 2023)

    • B.S., Southern University of Science and Technology.

    • Topic: O-RAN and intelligent wireless networks.

  • Shenyuan Gao (Since Fall 2022)

    • B.S., Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

    • Topic: Foundation Models and Embodied AI.

  • Zijian Li (Since Fall 2022)

    • B.S., South China University of Technology.

    • Topic: Large vision language models.

  • Wenqiang Sun (Since Fall 2022)

    • B.S., Nanjing University.

    • Topic: Generative AI.

  • Xinran Li (Since Spring 2022)

    • B.S., Beijing Institute of Technology.

    • Topic: Multi-agent reinforcement learning.

  • Xinjie Zhang (Since Fall 2021)

    • B.S., South China University of Technology.

    • Topic: Deep video comperssion.

  • Tailin Zhou (Since Fall 2021)

    • M.S., South China University of Technology.

    • Topic: Federated learning.

  • Yuchang Sun (Since Fall 2020)

    • B.S., Beijing Institute of Technology.

    • Topic: Federated learning.

  • Xinyu Bian (Since Fall 2019)

    • B.S., Beijing Institute of Technology.

    • Topic: Massive IoT connectivity.

  • Yifan Ma (Since Fall 2019, co-supervised with Khaled B. Letaief)

    • B.S., Southeast University.

    • Topic: Machine Learning for Wireless Communications.

  • Lumin Liu (Since Fall 2018, co-supervised with Khaled B. Letaief)

    • B.S., University of Science and Technology of China.

    • Topic: Federated learning.

Research Assistant Professor

Postdoc Fellow

  • Jingwen Tong (PhD, Xiamen University), Aug 2022 - present.

  • Xiaolu Wang (PhD, CUHK), June 2023 - present.

  • Wei Guo (PhD, CUHK-SZ), Sept 2023 - present.

  • Jiawei Shao (PhD, HKUST), Jan 2024 - present.

Research Assistant

  • Jintao Xue (M.S., Zhejiang University)

  • Chaozheng Wen (MSc, HKUST)

Former Group Members

PhD Students

  • Fangyong Li, “Location-Aware Spectrum Access and Sharing in Cognitive Radio Networks”, Aug 2014.

  • Yaming Luo, “Cooperative Transmission for Energy Harvesting Wireless Communication Systems”, Aug 2015. (ASTRI, Hong Kong)

  • Yuanming Shi, “Scalable Sparse Optimization in Dense Cloud-RAN”, Aug 2015. (Associate Professor, ShanghaiTech University, Shanghai, China)

  • Chang Li, “MIMO Heterogenous and Small Cell Networks for 5G Systems”, March 2016. (National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), USA)

  • Yuyi Mao (Hong Kong PhD Fellowship), “Design Methodologies for Green Communications and MobileEdge Computing Systems in 5G Networks”, August 2017. (Research Assistant Professor, Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

  • Rui Wang, “Cache-Assisted D2D Communications in Content-Centric Networks”, August 2017. (MSRA, Beijing)

  • Xi Peng, “Cache-Assisted Communications in Backhaul-Limited Wireless Networks”, Nov 2017. (Huawei, Hong Kong)

  • Xianghao Yu, “Hybrid Precoding for Millimeter Wave Wireless Communication Systems”, August 2018. (Assistant Professor, City University of Hong Kong)

  • Yinghao Yu (Hong Kong PhD Fellowship), “Towards Efficient, Fair and Load-Balanced Cluster Caching for Big Data Analytics”, August 2019. (Alibaba, Hangzhou)

  • Bilal Hussain, “Artificial Intelligence-Based Anomaly Detection for the Efficient Management and Security of the Future Cellular Networks”, August 2021. (College of Professional and Continuing Education, Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

  • Yifei Shen, “Structured Neural Networks for Wireless Communications,” June 2022. (MSRA, Shanghai)

  • Jiawei Shao, “Task-Oriented Communications for Connected Intelligence at the Wireless Network Edge,” Nov 2023. (Postdoc, HKUST)

MPhil Students

  • Xubo Zhao, “Interference Management for Two-Way Relay Networks”, Dec 2012.

  • Changming Li, “Channel Training Techniques for TDD Massive MIMO Systems”, Nov. 2016.

  • Xinyi Zhang, “Multi-objective Optimization in Mobile Edge Computing Systems”, Nov. 2017.

  • Zhefeng Qiao, “Content-Aware Client Selection for Communication-Efficient Federated Learning”, Dec 2023.

Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Guodong Zhao, 2012–2013, now Associate Professor at University of Glasgow, UK.

  • Juei-chin Shen, 2014–2015, now with National Taipei University.

  • Juan Liu, 2015–2016, now with Ningbo University, China.

  • Meng Wang, 2019, now with Huawei, Hong Kong.

  • Yao Zhang, 2020-2021, now with Northwestern Polytechnical University, China.

  • Zehong Lin, 2022-2023, now Research Assist Professor at HKUST.

Research Assistant

  • Yao Zhang (PhD, Xidian University), 2019-2020.

  • Zhuoyi Huang (B.S., Tongji University), 2021.

  • Haoyang Li (B.S., Hong Kong Polytechnic University), 2021.

  • Xuefeng Wang (Msc, National Uiniversity of Singapore; B.S., Dalian University of Technology), 2022.

  • Teng Li (B.S., Tongji University), Apr. 2023 - Aug. 2023.

Visiting Scholars

  • Long Chen (Guangdong University of Technology), Aug 2018 – March 2019.

  • Haitao Zhao (Nanjing University of Posts and Telcommunication), 2019.

Visiting PhD Students

  • Heng Liu (Beijing Institute of Technology)